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Besen PCD020 adjustable mobile EV charger | type 2 - schuko plug | 10 -16A | 6 meter

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This mobile EV charger is suitable for any hybrid or electric car with type 2 plug. It is easy to charge via the normal socket at home (Schuko) and is ideal to have with you at all times, so you can always charge somewhere. The charging power is adjustable via touchscreen button in 2.3 or 3.7 kW (10-16A) and readable via the LED lights. A total length of 6 metres and very strong adapter, which can even be run over by the car. Also very waterproof and therefore suitable for outdoor use. Equipped with a digital English manual and includes a 2-year warranty.

  • Mobile home charger suitable for the normal socket (Schuko plug).
  • Not every socket is suitable for 16A (3.7 kW), so adjustability is recommended.
  • Adjustable amperage: 10 or 16A
  • Load capacity: 2.3 or 3.7 kW
  • Load capacity easily adjustable via touchscreen button.
  • Charging status and charging power are visible via LED lights.
  • Total length of charger: 6 metres
  • Charging point plug: Schuko plug (for normal socket outlet)
  • Car plug: Type 2 (Mennekes).
  • Very sturdy and flexible cable.
  • IP66: making it very waterproof and therefore suitable for outdoor use.
  • Equipped with Type A + 6mA DC protection.
  • The charger is strong enough to be run over by a car.
  • Protection against over- & underloading, short circuit, overheating and DC leakage.
  • User manual in English, German, Spanish and French.
  • Weight: 3 KG
  • CE & TUV approval.
  • 2-year warranty.

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- User manual

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